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1.5 meter mesh antenna, aluminum alloy mesh antenna, 1 meter reinforced antenna in the 5C band

1.5 meter mesh antenna, aluminum alloy mesh antenna, 1 meter reinforced antenna in the 5C band

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The Stan series aluminum alloy mesh antenna has superior performance. For example, the aluminum alloy mesh is manufactured using the world standard S/C/Ku compatibility, ultra-high precision, ultra-high performance, convenient device, anti-corrosion, rust proof, reliable, and has the following characteristics when used:

Luxury Planning: Using the world's popular black mesh design, the surface is treated with the latest matte spray coating technology, with a luxurious and beautiful appearance. The long-lasting design adds a touch of grandeur to your building.

S/C/Ku compatible mesh: Made of high-strength S/C/KU aluminum alloy mesh planned by the United States, ensuring optimal performance in receiving various frequency bands.


Triple rust and corrosion prevention treatment:


All steel components are treated with triple anti-corrosion methods including phosphating, electroplating, and weather resistant outdoor resin spraying to achieve strong sealing and rust resistance. Even the surface of the rust resistant aluminum alloy is treated with spraying, which is most suitable for use in coastal areas exposed to corrosive sea breeze environments.

Quick and easy device planning:

The reflector adopts segmented planning, and the mesh surface and skeleton of each lobe have been riveted and assembled. There is no need to install mesh devices on site, which is easier and more convenient, reduces installation time, and improves the connection strength between the mesh surface and skeleton, reducing the impact of equipment personnel's skills on device accuracy.

☆ All aluminum alloy sturdy reflector: The reflector frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, matched with a high-strength aluminum alloy mesh surface, which has superior wind resistance and long-lasting use.