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SMC 1.8m KU Band Dish Antenna with One-Piece Compression Molded Reflector

SMC 1.8m KU Band Dish Antenna with One-Piece Compression Molded Reflector

The SMC reflector of FRP antenna is molded, with high accuracy, good consistency and no deformation; Low density, high specific gravity, strong as steel, light as aluminum, pressure resistance is 12 times that of aluminum; Reflection surface of multiple

  • 商品编号:G660BE380CED63
  • 商品重量:192000.000 克(g)
  • 货  号:G660BE380CED63
  • 计量单位:PS
  • 市场价: ¥5200.00
  • 销售价: ¥273.00
  • 节省: ¥4927.00
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1.Meets or exceeds CCIR 580 and INTELSAT requirements


2.Offset antenna;


3.Light weight,small volume,high accurancy,high strength;

4.High gain, Low sidelobe, high G/T rate;


5.Hot-dipped zinc processed Antenna mount, with strong corrosion resistant ability;




Foundation drawing, foundation template, anchor bolts.




Non-penetrating mount.



Technical parameters: 1.8m

electrical character

Operating frequency: C-Band:3.7-4.2GHZ


Center frequency gain: C-Band: 39.7 dB

Ku-Band:48.8 dB

3dB wavelength: C-Band: 1.7°


First lateral flap: -20dB

Polarization isolation:> 30dB

Voltage-standing wave ratio: <1.3:1

Noise temperature (at 30 elevation): C-Band: 30 K

Ku-Band:26 ºK

Feeder interface: C-Band: CPR229



mechanical properties

Reflector material: 8 glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester sheet molded plastic (SMC)

Antenna form: central feed

Feeder installation form: single-arm support / three-rod support

Angine adjustment range: 0-90 sustainable fine adjustment

Azimuth adjustment range: 0-360 continuously adjustable

Transportation specification: 68kg

environmental suitability

Wind load: normal operation: 22mps

Preservation: 45mps

Adapt temperature: normal operation: -40℃ ~ 60℃

Preservation: -45℃ ~ 70℃

Atmospheric conditions: suitable for humid, large salinity, polluted climate environment